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3 reasons to hire an attorney after a motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A motor vehicle accident can be a life-changing event for a victim and their family members. While the impact itself may only last seconds, the repercussions of an accident can last for months, if not years. When a Maryland resident suffers serious injuries and significant financial losses due to their involvement in a roadway crash, they may struggle to get back on their feet for years to come.

There are proactive steps that all auto accident victims can take to protect their rights and legal options to seek compensation from their collision. One of the most helpful decisions that a victim may make is to ask for case help from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. This post will address some of the reasons an attorney may be an asset to a motor vehicle accident victim, but readers should be aware that the information presented does not constitute official legal advice.

Attorneys know the law so victims can focus on recovery

Every state has its own set of laws that govern the individuals who live, work and pass through its borders. Maryland is no different, and the laws that dictate what individuals may do and how they may be held liable for the injuries of others can and do change. An accident victim may find themselves confused and overwhelmed by the nuances of the law if they attempt to take it on by themselves; a personal injury attorney who has worked in Maryland can guide their client through the web of statutes and rules that will influence the outcome of their case.

Attorneys help victims weigh their legal options

Drivers may not know that a lawsuit is not the only possible option following a motor vehicle accident. For some, demand letters and auto insurance settlements may be sufficient to bring adequate resolution to their claims. However, drivers can choose to work with attorneys who have trial experience to be ready for whatever direction their case goes, helping them receive the best possible outcome.

Attorneys manage court procedures to ensure deadlines are met

The court system runs on timelines based on the types of cases that are filed. There are limits as to when victims can file claims against those who harmed them, as well as limits on how long parties have to respond when litigation is initiated. A victim who attempts to manage their own case may miss an important deadline, which may in turn prohibit them from advancing their claims.

Between paying bills, repairing their car, holding down a job and seeking medical care, motor vehicle accident victims often have their hands full just trying to stay afloat. An attorney can be an incredibly valuable asset for accident victims by helping them make informed decisions on how to protect their rights.