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Car accident: How to know if it was your fault

Being involved in an auto accident in Maryland is certainly an unpleasant thing to go through. However, it can be a downright nightmare if you find out that the accident was your fault. The following includes further information about how you can tell if you’re at fault in an accident.

You hit them from the back

In a car accident where you were the one who hit the other party from the back, the fault is likely to fall on you. Yes, this can be a very frustrating ruling as there are plenty of drivers who suddenly brake or don’t turn on their blinker at the right time. However, the attorney or the judge may tell you that you were the one with a clear view and should have seen the potential of a car accident occurring.

You were turning left

Much like hitting a car from behind, you may be at fault if you were involved in an accident while turning left. The courts will likely tell you that you should have yielded to oncoming vehicles, so the fault is placed on you.

You knowingly or unknowingly violated a traffic law

Things are often not clear regarding why an accident occurs until you reflect on the scene. Accidents can be caused by people driving within unfamiliar areas where they might not know what type of traffic sign to expect.

Although you may be able to tell whether an accident was your fault, you should never say it out loud to the other driver or officer until all avenues have been explored. Obtaining the services of an attorney after the accident may place you in a better position.