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Can car crashes result in multiple collisions?

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car crashes involve a vehicle colliding with another car, an object, a person or even an animal. Those concerned about safety on Maryland roads might wish to review the types of car crashes that may happen along with the potential resulting injuries. Drivers should adjust their behavior to cut down on the chances of harm.

Accidents and injuries on the road

Someone driving down a residential street could make a mistake and sideswipe a vehicle. The accident may result in damage to both vehicles but no physical injuries to the occupants. A “fender-bender” rear-end accident could cause bumper damage to the car and a forehead gash injury to the victim. Such an accident displays two elements of a collision: a vehicle collision followed by a human impact.

The first two collisions are apparent, but the third might be less visible: Internal collisions involve damage to the internal organs, bones or anything not visible. Internal injuries could range from minor whiplash to severe concussions or life-threatening lung punctures. Anyone who suffers in an auto accident might not realize an internal collision occurred. By the time symptoms arise, the person’s condition could worsen, possibly fatally.

When collisions lead to damages

Even if the collision leads only to property damage, the costs to repair a car might be enormous. Someone might find a vehicle must remain at a body shop for more than a week, leaving the owner unable to work. Seeking compensation through an insurance settlement may become unavoidable.

Some car accidents leave a person suffering severe physical injuries, meaning more losses and costs. A person could suffer several internal and external injuries after a crash.

Even vehicles traveling at slow speeds may end up in a collision, so drivers could benefit from being careful at all times. Driving defensively may reduce the risk of a crash.