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Facts you should know about motorcycle accident safety

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Maryland drivers must remember to stay on the lookout for motorcyclists while driving. Because of their smaller size, it’s easy to miss them until it’s too late.

Car drivers are usually at fault

In over 50% of motorcycle crashes in Maryland, the car driver is at fault. To do your part in keeping everyone safer on the road, get into the habit of checking two or three times for motorcycles before you change lanes, merge or pull into traffic. It’s far too easy to miss cyclists when you’re not actively checking for them.

Eliminate distractions while driving

Distracted driving is the cause of many accidents not just motorcycle accidents. You shouldn’t eat, text or talk while driving. Talking to passengers in your vehicle is also distracted driving. You should explain to your passengers that you would like to focus on the road to keep everyone safer.

Motorcycle accidents are fatal for the motorcyclist

Accidents in Maryland that involve a motorcyclist cause twice the fatality rate as all other fatal crashes in the state. Motorcyclists ages 24–31 in the state experience the greatest percentage of accidents among motorcycle wrecks. Most motorcycle accidents result in serious injury or death.

Which months to pay more attention

Accidents involving motorcycles occur more frequently from April to October. However, you should still stay aware during the other months to avoid surprises. Humans experience a certain type of blind spot to motorcycles because they mostly see cars on the road. This is why it’s necessary to regularly remind yourself to watch for them.

Day of the week

Fifty percent of motorcycle accidents in Maryland occur on Fridays to Sundays from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Many people are out on the road to enjoy their weekends, which comes with more distracted driving as well.

Knowing the facts about motorcycle accidents and how to improve safety will help reduce these fatal occurrences.