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Settling a car accident insurance claim

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Even when a car crash only leads to vehicle damage, the resulting bills could be enormous. Persons suffering physical injuries or worse may look at economic devastation. While an insurance settlement might deliver a faster and more preferable outcome than a drawn-out lawsuit, Maryland claimants may need to be realistic about the timeline to close the process.

Time and insurance settlements

Maryland falls under the heading of a “fault” state regarding auto insurance. That means someone must be at fault for a claimant to seek compensation from a provider for an accident. So, the victim must file against the other party’s liability coverage. In some cases, the injured party could file an uninsured motorist claim when the liable party lacks insurance.

Proving fault becomes a necessity when making a liability claim. That means the claimant must put evidence forward. Such evidence could be photos, witness statements, police reports, medical records, and more.

Of course, the insurance company will review the evidence and perform an investigation. The process could take even longer when there are multiple victims or several vehicles involved in the crash.

Other matters of concern during the process

Although an insurance company may have a duty to cover the loss, the provider may offer a low settlement. Car accidents may leave victims struggling financially for years. Settling for an unreasonably low amount could be disastrous, so negotiations between the victim’s representative and the insurance company may take a lot of time.

A lawsuit might be unavoidable, depending upon how the settlement process goes. If such an action proves necessary and feasible, victims may sue beyond the policy limits. Lawsuits may end in settlements as well. A lengthy trial might not prove unavoidable.