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The deadly times for motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Getting into an accident while riding a motorcycle can be a terrible experience. A motorcyclist’s injuries could be severe since the bike offers virtually no protection in a collision. Motorcycle enthusiasts who spend significant time on Maryland roads may need to brush up on improving safety. Discovering facts about when motorcycle collisions typically occur could help the cause.

The deadly summer months

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiles tremendous data about motor vehicle accidents. The statistics about when motorcycle accidents most commonly occur may be somewhat surprising. Summer is when a substantial number of motorcycle crashes occur, which is not necessarily unexpected. A closer examination reveals that summertime crashes happen mainly during good weather and daytime, however.

Inclement weather and nighttime traffic conditions seemingly make riding a motorcycle more dangerous. While such conditions come with hazards, more motorcyclists and other drivers take to the road during sunny and mild weather. More drivers and motorcyclists on the road appear to increase the odds of a crash.

Additional factors that cause collisions

Being more aware of potential dangers could reduce instances of motorcycle accidents. When riding in proximity to other vehicles on the road, an emphasis on defensive driving could cut down on crashes. Wearing the appropriate protective equipment, such as helmets and protective apparel, may help as well.

A motorcyclist’s ability to stay safe on the road has its limitations. Sometimes, a reckless driver’s actions lead to collisions, including fatal ones. For example, a driver who does not check blind spots before making an unsafe lane change could hit a motorcyclist. The same could be the case with any dangerous moving violation.