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Motor vehicle accidents can happen in an instant

Maryland roadways seem to always be congested with heavy traffic, no matter what the time of day. Therefore, the need to remain alert is critically important as unexpected traffic incidents can occur at any time. If a person is distracted, serious motor vehicle accidents can result.

Motor vehicle accidents responsible for loss of many young lives

Heavy traffic on District of Columbia-area roadways in Maryland and Virginia is a significant contributor to accidental deaths in the area. The tragedy of fatal motor vehicle accidents is seldom greater than when one of the dead is a young person who hasn't yet had the chance to live his or her life. A recent accident took the life of a 15-year-old and another person.

Alcohol frequently contributes to motor vehicle accidents

Combining football and alcohol can result in a good time. Combining alcohol and driving seldom results in a good time. Such a combination resulted in a tragic end after a Washington Redskins football game. The person accused in the case recently entered a guilty plea in Maryland. Tragic motor vehicle accidents frequently result when alcohol and driving are combined.

Distracted driving can cause motor vehicle accidents

Growing up is full of rites of passage, and one of the most eagerly anticipated of these is getting one's driver's license. Teens in Maryland eagerly look forward to the freedom enabled by having a driver's license. What teens must remember is that a license is a privilege, not a right, and as with so many other privileges, there are responsibilities. One of the greatest of these responsibilities is to not be a distracted driver. Distracted driving can lead to motor vehicle accidents.

Wrong-way drivers continue to cause motor vehicle accidents

Drinking and driving don't mix. That statement is an old one and yet after years of continued tragic deaths caused by drunk drivers, the issue remains a major contributing factor to traffic deaths around the country. A recent death on a Maryland roadway may have contributed to the number of motor vehicle accidents that can be attributed to drunk driving.

Motor vehicle accidents are a constant risk

Traffic congestion is a never ending problem on Maryland roads. With the constant congestion exists the constant threat of motor vehicle accidents. Accidents involving school buses can be particularly traumatic, and a recent accident in Prince George's County serves to remind people to be on the lookout for school buses, to obey the flashing lights and exercise extra caution.

Motor vehicle accidents are constant threat in congested Maryland

No one will dispute that Maryland has severe traffic issues. Sadly, when there is heavy traffic there is the potential for serious motor vehicle accidents. A recent crash involving 12 vehicles took the life of a prominent area businessman, the president of Kline ShopRite, and a 7-year-old boy.

Winter, distracted driving contribute to motor vehicle accidents

Winter poses its own challenges to drivers and pedestrians in Maryland. It gets dark earlier, and that can make it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians. Snow and ice can cause slippery conditions, and driver distraction always remains a possible issue. Any or all of these factors contribute to the occurrence of motor vehicle accidents. One such accident took the life of a young man in Upper Marlboro.

Motor vehicle accidents: 3 children dead in Maryland

A serious multi-vehicle crash in Oxon Hill led to the tragic deaths of three children, according to local police. Very little information has been gathered about the accident so far, but Maryland authorities also confirmed that two adults were injured. Charges have not been filed at this time, but as with most motor vehicle accidents, this tragic crash is still under investigation. 

Deadly motor vehicle accidents occur as 2019 begins

Cars and trucks have coexisted on the nation's highways for many years. As life becomes more hurried and deadlines tighter, this coexistence has the potential to become increasingly dangerous in Maryland and other states. Truck drivers push the boundaries of fatigue in an effort to keep to tight schedules. Tragic motor vehicle accidents can result.

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