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Excessive force should not end in wrongful death

Parents never expect to bury a child. Parents are meant to raise their children to adulthood, see them settled and live to enjoy their families as they mature. At some point it is expected that one's parents will die of old age after having lived long and fulfilling lives. While it doesn't always happen this way, the scenario where a young person is cut down in the prime of life happens all too often in our cities, including in Maryland. In some instances, ground may exists for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Wrongful death interrupts family vacation

In Maryland and elsewhere, a policeman's job is not an easy one. However, being a policeman does not give one a pass in the event of the accidental death of a pedestrian. A crash that resulted in the death of a pedestrian during a summer car cruise event in Ocean City has resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit against the trooper who reportedly struck and killed the pedestrian.

Ignoring medication side effects can lead to wrongful death suit

Many people take medications and continue to perform successfully at their jobs in Maryland. However some medications carry warnings regarding such things as driving and operating heavy machinery. These warnings are frequently prompted by a propensity of the drug in question to cause drowsiness. In a horrific accident involving a trash truck and a multiple car pileup, a woman lost her life and the driver of the truck and his employer were named as defendants in a wrongful death suit.

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