dealing with a totaled car

dealing with a totaled car

An automobile accident may result in body damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. Many collision victims feel relief when they discover an insurance claim may cover a substantial amount of the damage. However, some car crashes in Maryland result in so much damage that the vehicle is declared “totaled.” Repairing a totaled vehicle might not be an option.


A totaled car suffers damages that exceed the vehicle’s worth. So, if a car’s current resale value is $2,000 and the damage is $3,000, repairing the vehicle might not make much sense. However, an accident victim may file a claim with an insurance company for the car’s value. That means an insurance settlement could cover the cost of the car. Often, the insurance company will take the totaled vehicle away, taking the burden of disposing of the vehicle off the owner’s hands.

The victim may file a claim against a negligent party’s auto liability coverage. If a negligent driver doesn’t carry insurance, a victim might file a claim with their insurance company, provided they carry uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.


Insurance companies may be unpredictable after motor vehicle accidents, even when presented with compelling evidence. Those dealing with a bad faith insurance claim could take legal action against the insurer. Others may find their experience more positive, but they could seek a more considerable judgment due to suffering severe harm.

A car crash could leave someone dealing with broken bones and internal injuries. Medical expenses and other related costs might push someone to a financial breaking point. Filing an insurance claim may help the individual recover their losses. In some situations, the victim might file a lawsuit to receive punitive damages not covered by an insurance policy. It could be an option to sue above the policy for compensation because of substantial losses.

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