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Silver Spring Dog Bite Lawyer

Your Attorney After A Dog Attack Or Animal Attack

Animal attacks can leave you with lasting scars, both physical and emotional. The trauma of a dog bite often leads to years of therapy for anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. And the physical wounds may necessitate months or years of medical procedures, from surgeries to skin grafts.

After a devastating attack on you or a loved one, you deserve knowledgeable legal guidance on pursuing the compensation you deserve – including financial recovery for your pain and suffering, medical bills and other costs.

The personal injury law firm Whitlock Law, LLC, provides experienced legal support to victims of dog bites in Silver Spring. Based in Silver Spring, founding lawyer Morgan Whitlock has practiced personal injury law in both states for more than 10 years. She will work diligently on your behalf to help make you whole again.

Dog Owners’ Legal Duties In Silver Spring

Pet owners must take reasonable steps to prevent animal attacks. Those steps might include:

  • Properly training and socializing their dog (or other animal)
  • Keeping dogs leashed or contained while outside the house
  • Putting up a sturdy fence
  • Keeping skittish or aggressive animals away from young children

Owners who do not take this duty seriously may expose their neighbors, visitors or passers-by to painful bite injuries.

Dog Bites To Children

Children are especially vulnerable to pet attacks. They’re naturally curious and often don’t know how to safely interact with animals. As a result, the most damaging dog bites frequently involve young children. The injuries can be severe – often involving deep wounds and extensive scarring to the child’s face – or even fatal.

Attorney Whitlock can help you fight for the compensation you need to secure a brighter future for your child in the wake of such a tragic occurrence.

What To Expect In Working With Ms. Whitlock On Your Dog Bite Case

Ms. Whitlock will investigate your dog attack to determine who is responsible. Frequently, the animal owner’s insurance company will be responsible for providing compensation through a premises liability claim. Attorney Whitlock is no stranger to taking on powerful insurance companies.

Attorney Whitlock will take swift legal action to pursue financial recovery. As a litigator in Silver Spring, she averages around 100 trials per year, which means she can stand up for you at trial if needed. She will work hard to seek the compensation you need in a timely manner so your family won’t be burdened with debt or financial struggles because of someone else’s negligence.

Legal Representation You Can Trust

Call 301-565-1655 to reach Whitlock Law, LLC, at the main office in Silver Spring 24 hours a day. Attorney Whitlock offers free initial consultations and will not charge you until she is successful.


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