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Jacqueline Colon

Hi my name is Jacqueline colon n I have to say the 1time the I call with lock law I wass great cause they help me especially Erika prudencio n her sister they are good workers n if u u got a accident they help u to the end n ya case any time of accident k thank Erika prudencio for been there for me God bless u n the lawyer to n ur sister don’t for get to look n call Erika prudencio she will help u have a good afternoon Erika prudencio thanks againg

Jose Luis Rodriguez

I saw this law office on TV, so when I had the car accident (someone hited my car) I decided to call them because they also speak Spanish, and I like to talk in Spanish about any law situations or problems, they found a doctor close to me to get the therapy, and I sent and sign all the paperwork electronic by phone, it was so easy asn fast. And my agent was always available when I call her, thanks Erica!!

I strongly recommend this law office.

Carisa Allen

Morgan Whitlock and her team were available to answer a lot of questions. They were patient and always followed up. Preparation for court was easy due to the updates we received on our case. Thank you so much to Whitlock Law, LLC.

Ellen Jimenez

Alexandra thank you so much for helping me with my case. I appreciate all you have done to help me receive the compensation needed for my medical bills. I’ve never written a review before but wanted to make sure to let everyone know that Whitlock Law, LLC is the best!

Nicole Newkirk

Whitlock law is the absolute best this was my first time going through anything of this magnitude an Erika & Kim went above an beyond to make me comfortable an insuring me that they had my best interest at heart Erika an Kim were truly amazing I will always recommend Whitlock law.

FaRida Walker

HONEST REVIEW!! THE BEST! TWO WORDS…. HEAVY HITTERS! AFTER TWO LAWYERS WHO FUMBLED THE CASE, MORGAN AND HER TEAM CAME THROUGH AND Put a game plan together and won the case. She is very Straight forward , honest, blunt, kind and about her business.Her and her team communicated every step of the way. I had no doubt in her or her team or never felt like I needed to second-guess them. 10/10

Amanda Carpio

Thank you Ms. Debi for your responsiveness and professionalism. Ms. Debi was always a call away and made sure to answer any questions I had regarding my case. She completed my case in a timely manner and got me a better settlement than I expected! I recommend Whitlock Law to anyone

Abrahan Moreno

Whitlock Law, was excellent to work with. Ms. Erika Prudencio was always available to answer questions and to address any problems that might come up. If you want your case to be handled smoothly and without incident Whitlock Law is the way to go!!!

Jose Alvarenga

Back in December i was on a car accident , I honestly was not going to get a lawyer but after so many issue with the Insurance Company I start looking for one on Google and I came a cross Whitlock car accident lawyer, so the next next day on Saturday I decides to give them a call , and right away a Young Lady by the name Erika call me, and from the beginning to the end of all this process She was AMAZING Always answer my QUESTION and I did had a lots of them Very professional, and supported me from start to finish. They gave me the peace of mind I needed through their effective communication and responsiveness. Not only did they resolve my case in a timely manner, they produced results that exceeded my expectation. I HIGHLY recommend …. I WILL TELL ALL MY AMIGOS IN CASE THEY NEED A GOOD LAW OFFICES…. GRACIAS THANK YOU VERY MUCH 🙂

Always Private

The Whitlock Firm is extremely professional and great overall. They take care of their clients like family. They are attentive and very professional. Great Law Firm with friendly staff. Responsive and pleasant to work with! I highly recommend them!

Jasmine Newman

After my accident, Morgan and her team supported me from start to finish. They gave me the peace of mind I needed through their effective communication and responsiveness. Not only did they resolve my case in a timely manner, they produced results that exceeded my expectation. I HIGHLY recommend Whitlock Law, LLC.

Jessica Mays

Whitlock Law is amazing, they took the time to always let me know what was going on with my case, Morgan made sure that she fought for us. And Erika always keep me up to date with everything. Thank yall so much for all your time and effort.

Keisha Hogan

Extremely professional staff. Operating in a timely manner addressing all medical concerns with empathy. This was my first car accident and I didn’t know what to expect. The staff guided me through the process explaining each step. Definitely would recommend

Liozanaga Cruz

Whitlock Law handled my auto accident case and I could not have been any more pleased with the execution of it all. Catherine was the paralegal encharge of my case. She is excellent! Very professional, excellent following up and consistency throughout my entire case. I never once felt the need to call for a status update because it was always provided, she made my case feel important to her as well as the firm so it gave me peace of mind through it all. Look no further Whitlock law is your firm for auto accident cases.

Lisa Sun

Whitlock Law LLC has really helped me and my daughter who has a disability from start to finish with our case. We were in a car accident last year. Someone had reared end us so badly and the last thing I want to worry about was hospital bills etc. We were both ok but was very sore. Thank God for the seatbelt. It saves lives for sure.
Whitlock Law LLC took care of everything from my therapy, bills and talking to the other insurance carrier for me. I didn’t have to worry about anything except getting better and making sure my daughter was ok again.

I would highly recommend this law firm to everyone!! You will not be disappointed because I been there and gone through the whole process. As a single mom with a speical need child, it’s already hard but thank you so much everyone at Whitlock Law!! We couldn’t get through this ordeal without your help at all. God Bless! 🙂

Frederick Zelaya

Whitlock law is the best , this was my first accident and also had my daughters with me , first time dealing with anything of this magnitude . Erika is the best you can ask for, she was very communicative , made everything run really smooth . Erika makes you feel everything is under control and is very trust worthy , hands down one of the best truly goes above and beyond , 5 stars is not even enough to describe her definitely wish there was a 10 stars option . Great law firm to work with definitely recommend

Mildred Claros

I had been in two car accidents within a two-year time frame. The First accident I had built a case with a different law firm, which was a huge mistake. After my second accident I was referred to Whitlock law, and all I can say is I am very pleased with how Morgan, alongside with Ericka handled my case. A special thank you to Ericka Prudencio for keeping me updated and on my case, working on it attentively, following up regularly to keep my case moving. She was consistent with any paperwork that was needed on my end, asked very detailed questions to make sure she had all valuable information to build a great case. She was very clear and thorough, through the whole process. Everything was done professionally and in a timely manner which was a key factor for me, I’m sure it is for most as well.

I was ecstatic at the result of my case that I ended up transferring my FIRST case to Whitlock law. To my surprise, what was taking the previous attorney over a year and some change to settle, Whitlock took this and immediately handled it in a professional timely manner. I am extremely happy to have found this law firm and recommend anyone to see Ericka and Morgan for any accident related issues they might encounter.

enzo dansby

My experience with Whitlock Law was next to perfect. Especially since it’s my first time ever having to get a lawyer, they handled everything for me so I could sit back and continue to make life normal again. I appreciate the attorney as well as the ladies who handled my case and kept me updated. Thank you all. Pleasurable experience.


I definitely recommend this law firm. The paralegal Erika has helped not just with my case but also with my family members cases. She is great and very attentive. If you work with her she explains everything along the way. The firm also recommends the best doctors and specialist for your case. If you have a personal injury case this firm is one of the best options for you.

Peewee PEREZ

My name is Steven,

I had someone rear end me a couple of months ago. I needed a lawyer to help me with the vehicle and personal injury. So I decided to look within the area that I live in. After searching and reading previous reviews on the lawyers around the Silver Spring area I decided to call Whitlock Law.

From beginning to end it has been a smooth process, my case settled within a couple of months as it should. But the team at Whitlock is as it should of a law firm. From the person receiving the calls which is Mercedes, she receives you with the upmost respect and asks if she can be of any assistance before trying to reach the next person. This shows to me that she is willing to help before just transferring the call. The next person is Karla which was the person that helped me with the process of the case, what an exceptional person. Gave me all the details I needed and if she was busy she definitely returned my calls with in a short time frame. Erika the third person which helped near the end of the case, with the offer was on point and didn’t pressure me on taking the offer, easy and fast straight to the point. Finally Ryan, The person that I was waiting for to sign my documents for the settlement. Made it easy with out me having to show up and with in one day of speaking to Erika reached out to me as they had mentioned they would…

THANK You, for making this happen. I am happy with the outcome of my settlement 5 star FIRM

Mark Beasley

Whitlock Law, LLC- Amazing Lawyers and Firm! I would highly recommend this firm to represent you. 10/10 Excellent service!

I was the victim in a motor vehicle accident, Mary and Morgan handled every aspect of my case. They provided me with physical therapy, assisted with the process of having my vehicle repaired and ultimately obtained the max payout to recover all medical bills in addition to a surplus of funds to compensate me for the pain and suffering endured subsequent to my injuries. Mary took all off my stress away regarding the case which therefore allowed me to simply heal/recover. They are very responsive and always on top of the case. Very quick turnaround rate for payouts.

Thanks Whitlock Law- Mary & Morgan & Erika.

Kristen Vann

They did an awesome job with responding to emails and answering questions! Morgan Whitlock is very personable and does all she can to help win your case! Mary Liza kept me up to date with everything that was going on behind the scenes. An amazing group of lawyers and I will recommend them to anyone who needs a lawyer

Kattie Cross

HONEST REVIEW!! THE BEST! TWO WORDS…. HEAVY HITTERS! AFTER TWO LAWYERS WHO FUMBLED THE CASE, MORGAN AND HER TEAM CAME THROUGH AND Put a game plan together and won the case. She is very Straight forward , honest, blunt, kind and about her business.Her and her team communicated every step of the way. I had no doubt in her or her team or never felt like I needed to second-guess them. 10/10

Courtney P.

Whitlock Law is a great law firm. They were very helpful and caring from the beginning. I was very overwhelmed with this being my first accident and they informed me of the process and always answered my questions. I hope I don’t have another accident or injury however, If I do or any of my loved ones Whitlock Law will be handling my cases. All the staff is informative and kind. Mary is always available and assists you with everything!

Melissa Foreman

Morgan is amazing!! When I got into my car accident, I was a complete mess and had no idea where to begin with filing a claim, dealing with the insurance companies and more. Being referred to Morgan was a blessing and made my life easier. She is so thoughtful and responsive. The whole time I was going through the claim, she answered all of my questions (very thoroughly) and she really showed how much she cared about my situation. I highly recommend her law firm. I am proud to say that my case is about to settle and that she fought for me in so many ways. Morgan made that horrible chapter in my life bearable. Thanks for everything.

sancho martin

Unfortunately there’s not enough stars for me to give this law firm, so here’s a perfect 10 hands down these guys are excellent at what they do. They are very prompt at returning calls and emails and keeping you in the loop step by step. They did not stop fighting for me until I got the compensation that I felt I deserved in my case. These guys are the best in town!! Maryliza and Erika was truly awesome thanks for all the help guys keep up with the great work .


“Morgan Whitlock and all the staff at Whitlock Law are phenomenal. They always stayed in touch and kept me updated. Always friendly and helpful. Morgan Whitlock did a great job representing me and I would definitely recommend her for any injury case; because of her, my life has changed a great deal.”


“Whitlock Law was really impressive in personal attention. The staff was available to answer your call and questions more than any law firm I’ve dealt with. Very good service.”

Rachel Simms

Whitlock Law was a great experience for me! I was burned at a drive thru and the owner lied about it and failed to do an investigation. She helped me and stayed on them until they relented, we went to court and settlement was given. I thank the whole family for their help! I lived Morgan’s Mom as she was the sweetest. Thank you!!

Brittany Bowden

Thank you again Whitlock Law for your hard work and working extra hard to ensure my case was handled appropriately. They took the headache of working with the insurance companies to ensure I didn’t have to. A special thank you to Erika for all your help this past year and keeping my in the loop every step of the way I know it’s your job, but I feel you went above and beyond making my life easier! Hopefully I won’t need to but I will use Whitlock Law for all my attorney needs!

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