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Silver Spring Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Few injuries are more devastating – or more costly – than those affecting the brain. Nearly 100,000 people sustain life-altering traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) every year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The collective financial toll of those injuries is more than $75 billion each year.

TBIs have a profound impact on both the victims and their loved ones. Daily life may never look the same. Long-term dreams and goals may no longer be possible. The personality changes as well as mental and physical impairments that stem from a TBI may make the person you once knew seem no longer recognizable.

Add to that the tremendous financial burden of ongoing medical care, and you may feel like your entire life and future are a puzzle you no longer know how to piece together.

Work With An Attorney Who Understands What You’re Going Through

Lawyer Morgan Whitlock at Whitlock Law, LLC, in Silver Spring understands the lifelong repercussions of serious brain injuries. Having fought for injury victims and their families for more than a decade, she is familiar with the emotional, physical and financial struggles that result from such severe injuries. She can help you piece your life together and start to build a brighter future.

Read about the many six-figure verdicts and settlements attorney Whitlock has obtained for injury victims across Maryland and Virginia.

How TBI’s Happen?

Countless causes can contribute to TBIs, but the most common include:

  • Vehicle accidents, especially those involving high speeds, multiple vehicles, like car accidents, motorcycle accidents, or truck accidents
  • Falls from stairs, ladders, or construction equipment
  • Slip-and-falls that involve a direct impact on the head (especially among older populations)
  • Serious sports injuries involving forceful impacts, including concussions

When negligence plays a role in the head injury, you may be entitled to financial recovery. Attorney Whitlock can evaluate your case and help you determine how best to pursue compensation – and who to hold accountable.

Why Entrust Attorney Whitlock With Your TBI Case?

At Whitlock Law, LLC, you’ll work directly with attorney Whitlock – not an associate or paralegal. You can expect one-on-one attention, frequent communication and responsive service. Ms. Whitlock will treat your case as though it were her own family member’s future at stake.

Find out more by requesting a free consultation or calling the firm at 301-565-1655. If you decide to proceed, you won’t have to pay any legal fees unless you’re successful.


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