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Silver Spring Metro Accident Attorney

Metro accidents are rare, but when they do happen, the results can be catastrophic injuries. Extensive injuries or fatalities are often the unfortunate outcome. What’s more, the legal fallout from these accidents can be tremendous.

For victims and their loved ones, knowledgeable legal guidance is essential for pursuing the financial recovery they deserve. Metro accident lawyer Morgan Whitlock at Whitlock Law, LLC, can help you make sense of your options and pursue a strong personal injury claim.

When you choose Whitlock Law, LLC, for your metro accident claim, you can expect to work directly with train accident attorney Morgan Whitlock from start to finish.

How The Firm Can Help With Your Metro Accident Cases

You can rely on metro accident attorney Whitlock for dedicated, compassionate representation in accident claims involving:

  • Commuter bus accidents
  • School bus accidents
  • Coach or charter bus accidents
  • Train accidents
  • Subway accidents
  • Injuries to metro passengers or pedestrians
  • Sudden stops or swerves, resulting in passenger injuries
  • Slip-and-falls and other types of accidents at metro stations or platforms
  • Train accidents involving Amtrak or CSX

Ms. Whitlock is licensed in both Maryland and Virginia. She has over a decade of experience representing accident victims from both states in high-stakes personal injury claims.

Partner With A Lawyer Who Understands The Unique Challenges Of Bus, Metro And Train Accident Cases

Bus, train, and metro accidents are far more complicated than car crashes involving private parties. They may require taking legal action against a government entity or powerful corporation.

They also involve different legal standards than other types of car accidents. As a result, numerous special considerations come into play. Your attorney must understand these nuances to bring a successful case.

With over a decade of experience tackling tough personal injury cases, lawyer Morgan Whitlock is well-positioned to handle your metro accident case in Silver Spring. She knows how to anticipate and avoid the many roadblocks that can come up when a case involves the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) or private bus or train companies.

As an accomplished trial lawyer, Morgan Whitlock can stand up for you in court if your bus or train accident case proceeds to litigation. She is also a skilled negotiator who has secured many favorable settlements.

Proving Negligence In Metro Accident Cases

Buses and trains are considered “common carriers,” whether metro or private. That means they must uphold high standards of care when transporting passengers.

After a bus or train accident, determining what went wrong may require a detailed investigation. If the bus or metro driver was negligent – meaning they failed to uphold a high standard of care – their employer may held accountable.

Bus accident lawyer Morgan Whitlock knows how to carefully investigate these cases to lay a strong foundation for pursuing a negligence claim on behalf of victims and their families.

Don’t Wait To Get Help From Whitlock Law, LLC

After a metro accident, prompt legal action is essential for protecting your rights and establishing a strong case. Bus accident attorney Morgan Whitlock can take the necessary steps to conduct an investigation, gather evidence and preserve your right to compensation.

Learn more by contacting the firm online or calling 301-565-1655 for a free consultation.


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