Facial Injuries From Car Accidents

Facial Injuries From Car Accidents

Facial injuries are some of the most serious injuries stemming from auto accidents in Maryland. Even when doctors can repair the damage with surgery, there can be a lifelong impact on going forward for the victims. An altered appearance can be emotionally troublesome even when the superficial injury has been fixed. And not only can facial injuries do psychological damage beyond the facial disfigurement, but some facial injuries can also result in respiratory issues when the injuries also include a broken nose, jaw, or teeth that will require even more surgical repair.


Many facial injuries from motor vehicle accidents result in the need for surgical repair beneath the surface. Skin grafting and other superficial wound treatments are secondary at first evaluation by medical professionals. One of the common injuries is cartilage damage to the internal nose area that is fully repairable in many cases. Those who are suffering from broken jaws and teeth can be treated through surgery and dental work as needed.


One advantage that victims of motor vehicle accidents often have in personal injury claims is that facial injuries can be classified as catastrophic. Even though Maryland is a contributory negligence state that bars any driver who is even 1% at fault for their own injuries from being financially reimbursed, those who are totally free from any negligence can pursue whole damages for catastrophic pain-and-suffering general damages in serious cases. Disfigurement is a definitive element of any claim even when it can be physically repaired to some degree.

It is also important to note that ear and chin injuries are very common in motor vehicle accidents along with nose and jaw injuries. While an altered appearance can have a significant impact on the victim going forward, there are also underlying medical issues that can develop over time, such as tilted jaw syndrome.

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