Increase In Fatal Drunk Driving Crashes In D.c. Area

Increase In Fatal Drunk Driving Crashes In D.c. Area

It may have been a long week. Or maybe there is something to celebrate. Perhaps, you just want to go out for a drink to simply unwind. No matter the reason for consuming alcohol at a public establishment, the reality is that many have to drive to and from these locations. This creates a heightened risk not only for the motorist but for those traveling on the roadway as well.


Based on current data for the D.C. area, 2017 saw an increase in fatalities from alcohol-involved crashes. This rate rose nearly 46 percent from the previous year. In 2017, 86 individuals died in a drunk driving crash while 2016 saw 59 fatalities. It was also noted that from 2015 to 2016, there was a decrease in fatal alcohol related crashes, decreasing by around 24 percent, which makes this sudden increase a concern.


The exact reason for this sharp increase is unknown; however, there are some speculations. One reason for this increase in fatalities could be related to the decrease in arrests for impaired driving. When there is not enough law enforcement to spot, and stop these drivers then they cannot get these drivers off of the roadways before they cause an accident.

While drunk driving accidents are 100 percent preventable, this does not mean they do not occur. Negligent drivers still get behind the wheel, and when they are unable to drive safely due to intoxication, unsuspecting victims could suffer greatly in a crash.

The cause of a crash is not always apparent, which is why investigation and reconstruction can occur following a crash. If authorities do not charge a driver for drunk driving at the scene of the crash, this does not mean it has been ruled out. A victim of a motor vehicle accident likely has many questions and concerns while they address the injuries and harms suffered in the crash, and a legal professional can outline the available options, explaining how a personal injury action could be a beneficial step to take.

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