Motor Vehicle Accidents Can Happen In An Instant

Motor Vehicle Accidents Can Happen In An Instant

Maryland roadways seem to always be congested with heavy traffic, no matter what the time of day. Therefore, the need to remain alert is critically important as unexpected traffic incidents can occur at any time. If a person is distracted, serious motor vehicle accidents can result.

Very early on a recent Monday morning, a car that was possibly disabled was stopped in the left lane of the northbound Baltimore-Washington Parkway. The car was reportedly rear-ended by an approaching vehicle. The force of the impact caused the car that had been stopped to flip.

First responders responded to reports of a crash with serious and possibly fatal injuries. Arriving on the scene, they found that the car had been struck from behind by an SUV, and both occupants of the car were trapped in the flipped vehicle and had to be freed by firefighters. The driver of the car, a 19-year-old woman, was pronounced dead at the scene, and her passenger was transported to an area hospital with possibly life-threatening injuries. The driver of the SUV was also transported with reportedly serious injuries. It is not known if speed played a factor in the accident, and the cause remains under investigation.

Driving on Maryland roadways requires constant vigilance and adherence to traffic safety laws. With so many cars on the roadways, motor vehicle accidents can happen in an instant that can result in a tragedy. A family who loses a loved one or has a loved one seriously injured in such an incident will be forced to endure a pain no family should have to encounter. While nothing can undo the tragedy and bring the loved one back, a conversation with a personal injury attorney can provide information to the client regarding the feasibility of a personal injury lawsuit.

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