Precautions To Take As A Pedestrian

Precautions To Take As A Pedestrian

Stepping outside your home can come with many dangers. Walking can seem like a safer option when it is time to get from here to there.

However, being a pedestrian can still be dangerous. While you are not traveling very fast when you walk, you are more exposed to injuries.

These are some ways to ensure your safety when you are out for a walk.


Typically, motorists are looking for other motorists. Although a driver does not intend to hit you, they are likely more concerned with the aftermath of hitting another vehicle than a pedestrian.

When you are planning to walk somewhere, you should opt for brightly colored clothing or a vest with reflective strips. You can also make yourself more visible by crossing in marked areas. When it is time to cross the street, look for a crosswalk to increase the chances that cars will be able to see that you want to go to the other side of the road.

You may also find that you are safer on sidewalks and paths rather than walking on the street. If you need to walk along the road, try to stay on the shoulder and walk against traffic.


Listening to your favorite music can help your commute go faster, but it can also lead to an accident. When you are not focused on your surroundings, you may not be able to react quickly if there is danger.

Electronic devices like cellphones and headphones can shift your focus off the road, leaving you dependent on your other senses to notice a problem.

Walking can be an efficient way to explore your city; when you take steps to protect yourself, you can avoid an accident.

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