Peewee PEREZ

My name is Steven,

I had someone rear end me a couple of months ago. I needed a lawyer to help me with the vehicle and personal injury. So I decided to look within the area that I live in. After searching and reading previous reviews on the lawyers around the Silver Spring area I decided to call Whitlock Law.

From beginning to end it has been a smooth process, my case settled within a couple of months as it should. But the team at Whitlock is as it should of a law firm. From the person receiving the calls which is Mercedes, she receives you with the upmost respect and asks if she can be of any assistance before trying to reach the next person. This shows to me that she is willing to help before just transferring the call. The next person is Karla which was the person that helped me with the process of the case, what an exceptional person. Gave me all the details I needed and if she was busy she definitely returned my calls with in a short time frame. Erika the third person which helped near the end of the case, with the offer was on point and didn’t pressure me on taking the offer, easy and fast straight to the point. Finally Ryan, The person that I was waiting for to sign my documents for the settlement. Made it easy with out me having to show up and with in one day of speaking to Erika reached out to me as they had mentioned they would…

THANK You, for making this happen. I am happy with the outcome of my settlement 5 star FIRM

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