Training Injuries Result In Personal Injury Lawsuit

Training Injuries Result In Personal Injury Lawsuit

People decide to join the ranks of first responders, such as the police or firefighters, with the understanding that rigorous physical training will be part of their preparations for becoming a first responder. The job of a police officer or a firefighter demands physical strength and the ability to defend and take care of oneself in multiple situations. In the case of a Maryland police academy training course, recruits suffered serious head injuries that resulted in a personal injury lawsuit being brought against the school.

The lawsuit was brought by two former students, a male and a female. The woman suffered a serious head injury as a result of a training exercise that the instructor told her she failed. The recruit was repeatedly struck in the head during five different fight scenarios. The instructor told her she would have to wait to retake the exercise because of the repeated head blows that she incurred but did not offer or recommend medical care. The woman reportedly suffered a severe brain injury as a result of the repeated blows.

The male student also suffered a severe head injury that resulted in subdural hematoma, or brain bleed. The injury resulted from a boxing exercise with a fellow recruit in which the student was struck in the head multiple times. The school claimed the hematoma resulted from a pre-existing condition. The school is claiming no liability for the injuries based on waivers signed by the recruits.

There is no doubt that training for first responders should be tough and should provide real world experience. However, that experience should not expose one to injury that is not followed up with appropriate medical care. If a person in Maryland feels he or she has suffered an injury that may have resulted from negligence may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney. A lawyer can review the case and inform the client if a personal injury lawsuit is a viable option.

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