Using Cell Phone Enforcement Cameras In Maryland

Using Cell Phone Enforcement Cameras In Maryland

When a driver approaches an intersection and the traffic light turns yellow, there are two choices the motorist can make. Accelerate and possibly make it through before the light turns red or quickly hit the brakes in order to stop before the intersection. Because of light enforcement cameras, more and more drivers are compelled to stop with fear that they could get ticketed for traveling through the intersection when the light turns red. The same concept, if approved, could occur for those using their phone while driving on Maryland roadways.


While many motorists have not considered this use of technology to curb this form of distracted driving, it is a proposed legislation in the state of Maryland. The vice president of the Montgomery County Council has urged state lawmakers to take action to reduce accident caused by cell phone use by drivers by implementing cell phone enforcement cameras.

Although the concept is not new, as it is used in red-light technology, the ability to capture a motorist using a cell phone while driving is far more advanced. It requires artificial intelligence to analyze the image to recognize that a cell is in actual use in the image captured. This would also require a person to review the captured footage to verify a violation took place prior to issuing a citation.


Distracted driving is the cause of more than 3,100 deaths in the United States every year. Because red light cameras have been helpful in the efforts to reduce this violation, it is believed that this effort could help reduce cell phone usage while driving, as it is against the law to operate a handheld phone in the state of Maryland.


Distracted driving remains an issue on the roadways across the nation, as it is a significant cause for automobile collisions. While campaigns and efforts are used to curb this dangerous driving activity, the reality is that many drivers decide to use their phone or do other distracting activities while driving. Thus, when a collision occurs, it is important that accident victims explore this as a potential cause, as this could help them in their efforts to recover losses in a personal injury claim.

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