What Are Some Common Mistakes After A Car Crash?

What Are Some Common Mistakes After A Car Crash?

Getting into a car accident could be a scary and stressful event. Even those who aren’t hurt may feel shaken and want to move along. No matter who is at fault, drivers involved in an accident must follow Maryland law. Otherwise, penalties might follow.


Leaving the scene of an accident might turn out to be a terrible decision. Some drivers might know they are at fault, so they bolt away, hoping to avoid any “hassles” or claims. Leaving the scene of an accident could result in felony or misdemeanor charges, and capturing a vehicle’s license plate is not too challenging in the era of smartphones and dashcams.

That’s not to say stopping and admitting fault is wise, either. A person who admits fault makes defending a civil case potentially harder. Also, a driver may think he or she is at fault, but a review of the evidence may point to another cause, such as a poor brake job.

Attempts to appease an angry accident victim might lead some to say things they shouldn’t. Revealing the limits on liability coverage or the existence of an umbrella policy may come back to cause troubles.


Some mistakes center on a failure to follow fundamental post-accident steps. Getting the other party’s contact and insurance information, along with contact info from witnesses, appears helpful. Calling the police might be necessary since they will compile a detailed accident report. Taking pictures at the accident scene adds to the evidence collection, too.

Among the worst mistakes occurring after a motor vehicle crash involves a “self-health assessment.” Not seeking medical treatment may lead to tragedy. A person who “feels fine” might experience internal bleeding and not know it.

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