What Are My Options After A Hit-and-run Accident?

What Are My Options After A Hit-and-run Accident?

Despite huge repercussions like jail time, some irresponsible Maryland drivers may choose to drive off after causing an accident. If a negligent driver strikes a pedestrian, they may be especially inclined to drive away from the scene of the accident since their car likely did not suffer catastrophic damage.


One such accident happened on John Hanson Highway in Prince George’s County. According to police, a driver operating a sedan struck and killed a pedestrian who was walking along the shoulder of the road.

The driver left the vehicle near the scene but fled without helping the victim or speaking to the authorities. Police have yet to make any arrests but did conduct an investigation which closed the road for several hours.


Unfortunately, many hit-and-run accidents go unsolved. In some cases, police may locate the driver only to discover that they have neither money nor insurance to pay any compensation for their negligence. This can leave a Maryland victim, or the surviving family, wondering where to turn.

After all, even if a pedestrian luckily survives getting hit by a car at high speeds, they may suffer from a spinal cord injury or other debilitating nerve damage. Moderate to serious traumatic brain injuries and severe damage to arms and legs are also common.

Any one of these injuries can cost a victim thousands of dollars in medical bills and just as much for ongoing care. Additionally, serious injuries may put a victim permanently out of work. Fortunately, hit-and-run victims may be able to pursue compensation from their own insurance company.

Many insured drivers have uninsured motorist coverage or personal injury protection, meaning their insurance provider will pay their bills if a hit-and-run driver either eludes capture or has no means to pay.

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