5 Reasons To Explore Your Legal Options After A Crash

5 Reasons To Explore Your Legal Options After A Crash

After a crash, people often report the claim to their insurance company and wait for a check. In many cases, accident victims accept the first offer from their insurance because they think it seems adequate, and they may just want to get some money quickly and move forward.

However, before you accept an offer, there are some things to consider.

  1. You could deserve far more than the insurance company is offering. An insurance check may seem fair after a crash. However, the chances are high that it will not account for the total cost of your damages. It may only cover some repairs to your vehicle, but not other costly factors like missed work or ongoing therapy you need for chronic pain.
  2. There could be multiple parties at fault. Crashes can involve multiple vehicles or commercial trucks, and there could be several liable parties. Holding each party accountable allows you to maximize the damages you receive, especially when one of the parties is a trucking company, for instance, as they have more financial resources than individuals.
  3. Different states have different rules. You may have more favorable conditions in court than you think. Different states have different laws regarding legal factors like statutes of limitations and damage caps. And there are unique traits of communities, like being in a rural area or urban hub, which is reflected in local judges and juries. Do not overlook these nuances and the importance of jurisdiction when assessing your legal options for a personal injury claim.
  4. Companies make mistakes. Insurance companies sometimes wrongfully deny and delay claims. There could be errors in the adjuster’s report and miscalculations. To prevent these mistakes from adversely affecting you financially, you should scrutinize settlement offers. And remember, you can negotiate a settlement; you do not have to accept the first offer.
  5. You should not have to be a legal expert to receive a fair settlement. Insurance companies, trucking companies and others who are involved in a crash may be far more familiar with the legal system than you are. This advantage should not cost you a fair settlement. You can work with an attorney to level the playing field and pursue a satisfactory outcome.

Considering all the ways in which you could wind up getting less than you deserve after a car accident, it can be critical to examine all your options before making decisions.

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