What Do People Receive Compensation For In A Wrongful Death Case?

What Do People Receive Compensation For In A Wrongful Death Case?

Losing a loved one is always difficult, but when families have no time to prepare for it and rely on the deceased for emotional or financial support, it creates an incredibly challenging situation. This is especially true if their loved one earned a significant amount of the family’s income.

However, families of victims who lost a loved one in a fatal accident may be able to receive compensation through a wrongful death action to relieve some of the financial difficulties they may experience.


Bereaved families can receive compensation for their pecuniary losses. This generally consists of the victim’s remaining lifetime income they will never receive due to their untimely death. It can also include compensation for services that the victim provided for the family that they will now have to pay others to complete.

Families can also receive compensation that are not necessarily pecuniary losses. These types of damages could include compensation for mental anguish suffered by the family, loss of comfort, protection, pain and suffering, marital care, guidance, education, and other services that can be very difficult to replace.

Losing a family member is never easy and it can feel impossible to replace the love, care and financial support that loved ones provide. While financial compensation is not an equal replacement for permanent loss, it can relieve immediate monetary burdens and allow families to grieve in peace. Pursuing a wrongful death claim can also hold the person who caused the accident accountable for their actions, which may be a small comfort for some families.

Experienced attorneys understand these complicated matters and can be a useful resource to families in need.

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