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Whenever one party’s actions result in an injury and/or economic loss to another party, this incident can form the basis for a personal injury claim. However, if the victim does not survive, their surviving family would need to file a wrongful death claim against whoever caused the fatal injury. If you believe you have grounds to file this type of case, it is crucial that you speak with a Hyattsville wrongful death lawyer as quickly as you can.

Compassionate Wrongful Death Counsel in Hyattsville, MD

Whitlock Law, LLC, represents wrongful death cases in Hyattsville and surrounding communities. Throughout the years of our firm’s operation, we have successfully helped many clients navigate these emotionally charged cases, ensuring accountability for those whose actions have caused fatal harm. If you believe you have grounds for a wrongful death suit, we can help you build a comprehensive claim that seeks maximum recovery of your family’s damages.

While it is technically possible for you to file a wrongful death suit without an attorney, doing so would be much more difficult than you may expect, and you would be unlikely to reach the same level of results as you could expect with an experienced attorney representing you. Our team will review the details of your case and help you develop an effective legal strategy that aims for maximum recovery in the shortest possible timeframe.

There are special rules that apply to wrongful death claims that do not pertain to most other personal injury cases in Hyattsville. We can help you understand these laws as they apply to your situation and help you make clearer sense of the legal options available to you. We know how to uncover all the various damages you can seek from the defendant, how to prove fault, and what the optimal ways are of reducing the time it may take for your family to secure a case award.

Proving Liability for a Wrongful Death in Hyattsville

In all personal injury cases, including wrongful death claims, the plaintiff must prove fault for their claimed damages before they will be able to recover any compensation from a defendant. Additionally, the state follows the contributory negligence rule, so the plaintiff must be prepared to show that the defendant named in their claim is entirely at fault for the damages and they did not occur because of any other cause.

Wrongful deaths can happen from any incident that might otherwise result in personal injury. Some of the few possible causes of wrongful death are:

At the outset of your wrongful death case, your wrongful death lawyer can help you gather the evidence you will need to firmly prove liability for your loved one’s death. Various forms of evidence, along with witness testimony, may be necessary for establishing liability.

Filing Your Wrongful Death Suit in Hyattsville

Once your wrongful death lawyer has helped you gather the evidence and testimony needed to prove fault, they will assist you in filing your wrongful death claim against the defendant in Hyattsville, MD. You must do this within the statute of limitations; otherwise, you lose your ability to claim compensation for the wrongful death. It’s prudent to start building your case as quickly as possible to ensure you meet this deadline.

You must also be prepared to show the extent of damages you intend to claim from the defendant who caused the death. This will likely require careful assessment of both immediate and future damages the defendant has caused. Like most other personal injury cases, a wrongful death suit can yield compensation for economic and non-economic damages. Punitive damages could also come into play if the death resulted from any illegal misconduct.

Economic damages in a wrongful death claim can include the funeral and burial costs for the deceased, lost financial support the deceased can no longer provide to their family, and any damages incurred by the estate of the deceased due to the incident, such as property damage and the cost of the final medical care they received for their fatal injury prior to their death.

Non-economic damages are intangible losses and, therefore, more subjective. Additionally, the state limits the amount a plaintiff can receive for non-economic damages. These damages intend to compensate the plaintiff for pain and suffering and the loss of care, affection, and companionship provided by the deceased. Your Hyattsville personal injury lawyer can be an invaluable asset for helping you maximize this aspect of your recovery.

What to Expect From Your Hyattsville Wrongful Death Lawyer

When you choose Whitlock Law, LLC, to represent you in a wrongful death suit, our team will immediately begin an investigation into your case so we can gather all the evidence you must compile to firmly establish fault for your loved one’s death in Hyattsville area. Once we have assisted you in proving fault, trust our firm to accurately assess all of the damages you can seek with the claim so we can help you maximize your recovery.

Our firm can ensure your case meets the statute of limitations and all other applicable procedural rules. We are confident in our ability to accurately assess the full range of damages you can legally claim from the defendant so you can maximize your family’s recovery. We have successfully helped many clients secure substantial case awards for their wrongful death suits, and we can leverage this experience for you in your impending case.

You Might Be Able to Settle Wrongful Death Suit Without Going to Court

Depending on the circumstances of the fatal accident, it may be possible for you to settle your wrongful death suit outside of court as long as both you and the defendant are willing to compromise on mutually acceptable terms. However, litigation may be necessary if settlement is not a viable option or if the defendant broke the law in causing the death. We can provide the guidance and support you need no matter how you need to resolve your wrongful death suit.

Hyattsville Wrongful Death FAQs

Q: How Long Do You Have to File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A: The statute of limitations for a wrongful death lawsuit in Maryland is three years from the date of the death. If an eligible plaintiff does not file their claim within this time limit, they will lose the ability to file a wrongful death suit against the party who caused the death. Three years might sound like more than enough time to file your claim, but it is important to file it as quickly as possible to ensure you meet the statute of limitations.

Q: Who Can Sue for Wrongful Death?

A: The state dictates who is eligible to sue for wrongful death. The first parties eligible to file a wrongful death suit in Maryland would be the surviving spouse, children, or parents of the deceased. If no such party is able to file a claim, the right to file the wrongful death suit will fall to the deceased’s other relatives by blood or marriage or to anyone who can prove they were substantially dependent on the deceased.

Q: What Would a Wrongful Death Suit Be Worth in Hyattsville?

A: The potential value of a wrongful death suit will vary based on multiple factors. The claimant has the right to seek compensation for damages to the deceased’s estate and the losses suffered by the surviving family and beneficiaries of the deceased. They also have the right to seek compensation for their pain and suffering, but the state limits this aspect of recovery in most civil claims for damages.

Q: Why Should I Hire a Hyattsville Wrongful Death Lawyer?

A: You should hire a wrongful death lawyer because this is an inherently emotional case that involves many complex legal statutes that would be very challenging to attempt to resolve on your own. Your attorney can handle your legal proceedings so you can focus on your recovery, and you are more likely to maximize the compensation you win from the defendant with their assistance.

Q: What Will It Cost Me to Hire a Hyattsville Wrongful Death Lawyer?

A: The cost to hire a wrongful death lawyer will only be a percentage of your case award if you choose Whitlock Law, LLC, to represent you. We take these cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning our fee will be a percentage of whatever compensation we are able to recover for our client, but we only collect this fee if and when we win their case. There are no upfront fees and no fees at all if we can’t obtain a recovery for you.

The team at Whitlock Law, LLC, is ready to help you and your family pursue accountability and fair compensation for the loss of your loved one. A successful case cannot replace your family member, but it can provide a sense of closure and peace of mind, and the proceeds of the suit can help your family adjust to your new circumstances. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Hyattsville wrongful death lawyer and learn how we can assist you.


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