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Motor vehicle accidents responsible for loss of many young lives

Heavy traffic on District of Columbia-area roadways in Maryland and Virginia is a significant contributor to accidental deaths in the area. The tragedy of fatal motor vehicle accidents is seldom greater than when one of the dead is a young person who hasn't yet had the chance to live his or her life. A recent accident took the life of a 15-year-old and another person.

Defensive driving could reduce motorcycle accidents

Traffic on metropolitan Washington roadways in Virginia and Maryland continues to be severely congested. During summer months some people choose to use motorcycles as a means of transportation, some for economic and maneuverability reasons and some for the joy they derive from riding a motorcycle. A downside is that these vehicles can be hard to see and tragic motorcycle accidents can result.

Alcohol frequently contributes to motor vehicle accidents

Combining football and alcohol can result in a good time. Combining alcohol and driving seldom results in a good time. Such a combination resulted in a tragic end after a Washington Redskins football game. The person accused in the case recently entered a guilty plea in Maryland. Tragic motor vehicle accidents frequently result when alcohol and driving are combined.

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