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How might an attorney help a truck accident victim?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

A truck accident could prove devastating for victims in Maryland. Persons severely injured when a truck collides with their vehicle or strikes pedestrians may have a legitimate negligence claim. No matter how devastating the accident may be, insurance companies and courts may expect compelling evidence of negligence. Therefore, it becomes necessary to collect critical evidence in the aftermath of a crash. An attorney may assist with doing so.

Proof, evidence, and claims of negligence

A truck could do enormous damage to a small car. What if the driver of the car was under the influence of drugs and narrowly cut off the truck in a dangerous manner? Liability may rest with the car’s driver in such a situation. Ultimately, proving who is negligent in whole or part requires presenting evidence. An attorney may prove vital when gathering and presenting evidence.

Drivers may benefit from installing a dashcam, as the audio and video could reveal precise details about the incident. Is there a dashcam in the truck? Hiring an attorney capable of sending a notice to the truck driver to preserve evidence might help the cause.

Working with an attorney

Witness statements, police reports, photographs, and other items might support claims of negligence. An attorney may also be familiar with procuring truck company records regarding driver breaks and maintenance reports.

Victims attempting to collect and review evidence might make mistakes due to inexperience. Presenting compelling evidence to an insurance company may not even be enough, as the provider may attempt to settle for a low amount regardless. An attorney could handle negotiations on the client’s behalf.

Evidence may prove valuable when seeking damages from truck accidents. Working with an attorney could assist victims in their search for equitable compensation.