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Steps to take after a motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

No matter how careful you might drive your motorcycle, there may come a day in which a careless driver crashes into your bike. These accidents may result in significant trauma. Following certain steps after a Maryland motorcycle accident may greatly improve your physical, emotional and legal outcomes.

Get to safety, but do not leave the scene

Leaving the scene of an accident can result in your being incarcerated, and it counts as a felony on your record. You should never leave the scene unless you are taken away by emergency personnel. However, you also do not want to remain right in the middle of the accident scene, because that can cause greater danger. Stay close to the scene until the police arrive, but remove yourself from any oncoming traffic, and get off of the road.

Leave the bike alone

For many bikers, their motorcycle is their baby. Wanting to move the bike following an accident may feel natural, but you should not touch the bike at all. Leaving the bike alone following motorcycle accidents is necessary for these reasons:

  • Moving the bike could cause further injury.
  • You could compromise the evidence.
  • Post-accident confusion and disorientation could cause you to get hit by oncoming traffic.

Keep your gear on and call medical services

Removing your gear could exacerbate your injuries. Instead, call emergency services and keep your gear on until they arrive.

Try to gather evidence

Following an accident, you may be disoriented. But if you are able to talk to witnesses, ask for phone numbers so that they can be interviewed later by your legal team.

Seeking medical treatment is your first priority

Insurance companies may be on your to-do list following a motorcycle accident. While there are statutes of limitation on filing lawsuits, medical treatment must always be a priority.