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Truck drivers and fatigue

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

Truck drivers may find it difficult to stay alert on the road. Numerous factors could make a driver feel fatigued when they travel on Maryland roads. Tiredness may prove dangerous when operating a tractor-trailer as the risks of a severe accident increase.

Fatigue and truck driving

A deadly accident might result if a semitruck driver passes out at the wheel. Such a scenario could occur because of extreme fatigue, intoxication and other factors. However, a driver does not need to become unconscious to cause a collision. A tired truck driver may experience perception problems that make braking in time difficult.

Fatigue may reduce reaction time, making avoiding an accident difficult. Tired drivers could become more prone to distractions, and distracted driving is a common cause of many avoidable accidents.

State and federal laws exist to reduce fatigued driving by requiring commercial truck drivers to take mandatory breaks. Skipping these breaks could be considered negligence. Still, even taking all required breaks might not prevent a truck driver from experiencing excessive tiredness.

Negligence and fatigue

Truck drivers could feel tired because of illness or from taking certain medications. Knowingly getting behind the wheel while too impaired to drive could leave the driver liable for damages in a civil suit. Legal claims after truck accidents may be substantial, considering how much harm a massive truck could inflict.

Truck drivers may commit moving violations when they feel tired. A driver might speed to reach a destination to end the day’s work faster when fatigued. Speeding remains a dangerous practice on the road and a frequent cause of accidents. Drivers committing moving violations may face a civil lawsuit due to their reckless actions.