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Recovering from the trauma of a wrongful death in Maryland

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2023 | Wrongful Death |

Losing a loved one in Maryland because of a wrongful death is a traumatic experience. You might feel grief, hopelessness or several different emotions following the event. There’s no way to erase the pain, but there are ways to overcome the trauma caused by a sudden death.

What is the legal definition of wrongful death?

The wrongful death statute in Maryland defines wrongful death as a death that occurs due to negligence or a criminal act of another person. It doesn’t matter if the actions were intentional or accidental.

Md. Courts and Judicial Proceedings § 3-904(a)(1) makes it legal for spouses, parents and children of the deceased to bring a sudden death lawsuit against those accountable for the death. There are also ways for the survivors to deal with the emotional aftermath of a wrongful death.

Speak with a grief counselor

A grief counselor can help you cope with the loss of your loved one. The grief counselor is a source of support and guidance. They give you a safe space to express how you feel, work through the grieving process and develop coping strategies to deal with your grief.

Working with a grief counselor should help you come to terms with the wrongful death. Ultimately, you’ll have the strength to move forward in a positive manner and create a healthy life for yourself.

Stay busy

You might want to crawl into bed and do absolutely nothing. You’ll need plenty of rest, but it also helps to engage in enjoyable activities.

For example, perhaps you like to crochet, draw or knit. Continue to do those activities, even if you’re still grieving. Not doing anything can possibly cause you to feel worse about yourself or slip into depression.

Allow yourself time to grieve

You’ve experienced a major loss. You might feel the need to show strength for your children or family. However, it’s healthy to give yourself time to grieve. Grieving is important for maintaining your mental health.

The sudden death of a loved one is traumatic. It’s even more stressful when you’re dealing with a situation involving a wrongful death. You can overcome the trauma using various techniques to deal with the situation.