Car Vs Motorcycle Accident Statistics Every Driver Should Understand

Car Vs Motorcycle Accident Statistics Every Driver Should Understand

While it might be a smaller state, there are a lot of places to explore in Maryland. Two of the most popular transportation methods in this state are cars and motorcycles. Considering that, it’s always smart to research the safety of these two vehicle types. Here’s a closer look at a few potentially eye-raising statistics about car and motorcycle accidents.


Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for car or motorcycle accidents to result in fatalities. With that said, in the event of a collision, the fatality risk is higher for motorcyclists. According to J.D. Power, motorcycle accidents cause injuries or deaths 80% of the time. Of course, fatalities are always possible in automobiles. However, the protection of an automobile sometimes lets drivers and passengers walk away unscathed.


When looking over collision statistics, it’s also important to understand why these accidents happen. However, there’s not much of a difference between what causes motorcycle accidents and car crashes. In most cases, either type of accident typically results from either human error or faulty vehicle parts.


If you’re fortunate enough to walk away from an accident, it’s still possible to deal with a few lingering injuries. Injuries can happen after both motorcycle and automobile accidents. However, most of the time, injuries suffered by motorcyclists will be more severe and numerous than by a passenger or driver in a car that crashes.

As unfortunate as they are, car and motorcycle accidents happen each day. You can help prevent these accidents from happening by being alert behind the wheel, avoiding distractions and never driving tired. Considering the potential for injuries and fatalities when driving a motorcycle, use extra caution if you operate this vehicle.

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