Common Injuries In A Car Accident

Common Injuries In A Car Accident

Even if you’re one of the safest drivers you know in Maryland, it’s still possible for a car accident to occur. Whether you’re involved in a minor fender bender or a crash that results in your car being totaled, there are several types of injuries that can occur.


After a motor vehicle accident occurs, you could have bruises on various areas of your body. The location depends on where you got hit in the vehicle during the accident. An example would be a bruise on your arms if your arms hit the door. Scrapes are also a common result of an accident and can be minor abrasions or those that need a bandage or two.


During a car accident, you could get a concussion from hitting your head on one of the many surfaces in your vehicle. Some symptoms are minor, such as a headache or dizziness. However, a concussion could also cause memory loss. It’s important to seek medical attention for this injury to determine the severity of your concussion and get proper treatment.


Broken bones are a common injury sustained in a car accident. You could break your nose due to hitting the steering wheel or the airbag, or your arms or legs may break if they hit the dashboard. Broken bones could also occur due to being pinned in the car. The speed that you’re traveling at the time the accident occurs is often a factor in the severity of broken bones.

While there are many vehicle accidents that don’t result in an injury, the risk is a possibility in just about any situation. Make sure to see a doctor immediately after an accident if you believe you sustained an injury.

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