Crash Reconstruction Can Help Build A Stronger Case

Crash Reconstruction Can Help Build A Stronger Case

Motor vehicle crashes can be traumatic for those involved, particularly when they involve severe injuries or even fatalities. Amid these tragic incidents, different and sometimes contradictory recollections emerge. The differing stories may be due to the cataclysmic nature of the incident. It may be a conscious effort to omit crucial facts; it could be forgetting the details over time or for some other reason.

So, it is often useful to bring in independent investigators trained to examine the crash’s circumstances. They can then do a reconstruction and analysis of the incident. They can then determine if a semi-truck driver was going too fast, an SUV driver was distracted, or a motorcycle rider was acting recklessly.


Motor vehicle crash experts do causation forensics that determines the crash’s how and why. They go to the site of the collision or use photos from the scene, looking for clues. These include:

  • Skidmarks
  • Damage to the surrounding area
  • Details involving the road
  • Signage and posted speed limits
  • Establishing a point of contact
  • Examining the vehicle damage
  • Consider the time of day and weather conditions
  • Examine data from vehicle computers

The experts then weigh these varied factors using principles of physics, engineering, and math to offer a fact-based opinion on collision angles, velocity and visibility.


Their findings can shed light on the likelihood of negligence, whether a defendant’s recollections are consistent with the scope of the damage, their stated speed and driving behavior. They can then testify in court about their findings using visual aids like a computer simulation.

It should be noted that the defendant and the prosecution may each have experts, and they may not have the same conclusions. Therefore, it is essential to work with one capable of presenting their findings credibly during testimony.


Defendants and their insurance companies will try to fight negligence claims to avoid paying damages and other penalties. The plaintiff can fight these attempts by working with a knowledgeable attorney experienced in handling motor vehicle collisions involving severe injuries. They can use the expert witness’s findings to further argue for a fair and equitable settlement or award for damages caused by the other driver.

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