Excessive Force Should Not End In Wrongful Death

Excessive Force Should Not End In Wrongful Death

Parents never expect to bury a child. Parents are meant to raise their children to adulthood, see them settled and live to enjoy their families as they mature. At some point it is expected that one’s parents will die of old age after having lived long and fulfilling lives. While it doesn’t always happen this way, the scenario where a young person is cut down in the prime of life happens all too often in our cities, including in Maryland. In some instances, ground may exists for a wrongful death lawsuit.

In a recent case in Towson, a young man died while in police custody. The 21-year-old man apparently died as a result of asphyxiation. This was according to the testimony of medical experts who were consulted during the investigation.

The family’s lawsuit sought $10 million in damages. The county reached a settlement with the family for $1.1 million. The police claimed that the man resisted arrest and was injured in their attempts to subdue him. The suit alleged that he had been administered the drug Haldol to sedate him and that it caused cardiac arrest, resulting in his death.

Police officers do their jobs to protect the public, enforce the laws and help to ensure that justice is served. Excessive force in carrying out their duty should not be condoned. A person in Maryland who believes a loved one may have suffered wrongful death in any circumstances is entitled to answers regarding the circumstances of the death. A professional can review the facts and evidence involved in a case and inform the client as to whether there may be grounds for a civil lawsuit citing wrongful death.

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