how can improperly loaded cargo cause a truck accident?

how can improperly loaded cargo cause a truck accident?

Truck accidents usually occur on Maryland roads when they’re least expected. Although these situations are always dangerous, they can also be hazardous. Improperly loaded cargo can result in catastrophic injuries and even death in certain situations.


Per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there are certain rules and regulations that the trucking industry must strictly follow. Cargo is heavily regulated in order to ensure safety. It must be properly loaded on a truck, be securely held in place by the proper tie-downs and cannot exceed a certain weight limit. Any system used to secure cargo cannot be damaged or weak. Loaders are required to use edge protection if the cargo can potentially cut a tie-down.

Any violation of these rules and requirements can lead to a truck accident. Issues affecting the cargo load can make for a deadly situation no matter what the circumstances.


Imbalanced cargo is problematic because the weight distribution is uneven, which can cause a truck to have a rollover accident. It could also lead to parts of the truck such as the brakes failing. This can be deadly when the trucker is unable to properly handle the truck or stop.

Cargo loads that are unsecured can spill onto the road and cause motor vehicle accidents with anyone behind the truck. People can be maimed or even crushed. In some cases, it can cause a fire or even an explosion if the cargo is gas, oil or some other type of chemical.

Overweight cargo can lead to rollover accidents. The trucker can also lose control of their steering and braking ability because the cargo puts an extra strain on the truck.

Truck accidents can be devastating and unpredictable. Drivers and trucking companies must comply with the laws on cargo loading to prevent them.

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