Is Distracted Driving A Common Problem On The Road?

Is Distracted Driving A Common Problem On The Road?

Distracted driving might not seem as egregious as reckless driving, but a distracted driver could cause a fatal accident in Maryland. Even though someone tapping a touchscreen might not mean to cause an accident, if an accident occurs and a life is lost, nothing will bring the deceased back. Alarmingly, distracted driving may be on the rise, possibly leading to an increase in serious accidents.


Distracted driving refers to any behavior that takes attention away from the road, other vehicles or anything else a responsible driver should not ignore. Unfortunately, becoming distracted may be common with some drivers. Sometimes, a distracted driver may lose enough attention that an accident occurs. Not paying attention to the road, other drivers and pedestrians could have tragic consequences.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed some surprising information about crashes in 2015. The NHTSA pointed out that 10% of fatal crashes resulted from distracted driving. That figure is shocking enough by itself, but when you realize that those fatal crashes occurred in 2015, something else may come to mind. Each year, vehicles are equipped with more advancements in “infotainment” technology that could increase potential distractions.

Smartphone integration may further increase temptations to pay attention to something other than safe driving. The “hands-free” component does come with some benefits, but anything that redirects critical attention could present dangers.


Distracted driving takes many forms, and several have nothing to do with the integration of technology. Someone who eats or drinks while driving or looks at storefronts when passing them engages in distracted driving.

Regardless of the reason, anything that directs attention away from driving might be a critical distraction. Drivers causing motor vehicle accidents due to negligent behavior could end up liable. Injured parties might meet with an attorney to plan litigation steps.

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