Report Shows Truck Drivers Are Worried About Distractions

Report Shows Truck Drivers Are Worried About Distractions

There are thousands of large trucks on the roadways in our country at any given time, performing the important task of transporting goods and supplies in commerce. However, as many of our readers in Maryland may know, these large trucks can present a significant danger to other drivers on the roadways. A collision involving a large truck can result in devastating consequences, including severe damage to property and catastrophic injuries for the people involved.

A recent report shows that truck drivers themselves are seemingly quite worried about one of the biggest issues on the roads today: distracted driving. In fact, the report details a survey in which a vast majority of truck drivers are concerned about the distraction they themselves face when behind the wheel.

Our readers may be surprised to find that it isn’t just the draw of the ever-present cellphone and other technology that can distract truck drivers. The survey detailed in the recent report showed that truck drivers are also concerned about distractions from eating and drinking behind the wheel, the use of GPS devices, adjusting the radio and even the various small tasks involved in operating the controls of large trucks.

It is good to know that many truck drivers are cognizant of the danger of distracted driving and how it can impact their ability to safely operate their vehicles on the roads. However, we all know that truck accidents still happen in Maryland. When they do, any injured victims may need to explore potential legal options to attempt to recover financial compensation.

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