Mildred Claros

I had been in two car accidents within a two-year time frame. The First accident I had built a case with a different law firm, which was a huge mistake. After my second accident I was referred to Whitlock law, and all I can say is I am very pleased with how Morgan, alongside with Ericka handled my case. A special thank you to Ericka Prudencio for keeping me updated and on my case, working on it attentively, following up regularly to keep my case moving. She was consistent with any paperwork that was needed on my end, asked very detailed questions to make sure she had all valuable information to build a great case. She was very clear and thorough, through the whole process. Everything was done professionally and in a timely manner which was a key factor for me, I’m sure it is for most as well.

I was ecstatic at the result of my case that I ended up transferring my FIRST case to Whitlock law. To my surprise, what was taking the previous attorney over a year and some change to settle, Whitlock took this and immediately handled it in a professional timely manner. I am extremely happy to have found this law firm and recommend anyone to see Ericka and Morgan for any accident related issues they might encounter.

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