Was Your Personal Injury Case Brought To A Halt Due To Covid-19?

Was Your Personal Injury Case Brought To A Halt Due To Covid-19?

Maryland courts have shut down due to the COVID-19 emergency leaving many who were pursuing personal injury claims in dire straits. A person who is litigating a personal injury case is often in serious need of immediate financial compensation to cope with the many expenses that were thrust upon them due to someone else’s irresponsible and negligent acts. A court shutdown has caused their case, and often their health and livelihood, to suffer a damaging halt.

However, the Maryland judiciary has issued plans on how it will reopen courts in the state. Under the five-phase plan, jury trials will recommence in the beginning of October. Currently courts are in phase one of the plan. Phase two will commence on June 5th at 5:00 p.m.

However, courts still have a long way to go. In phase two of the reopening of the civil court system, the court will still be closed to the general public, except for instances that qualify as “urgent matters.” This means that many of those who are seeking the justice they deserve will still have to wait for their day in court.

According to the Maryland judiciary, it is expected that phase three, in which the courts will reopen to the general public on a wider range of civil litigation matters, will commence by July 20th.

In stage four of the reopening of courts, which is slated to begin on August 31st, nonjury trials and contested hearings in civil, family and other matters will commence.

Finally, the fifth stage of reopening will begin on October 5th, in which full court operations will resume.

People in Maryland whose personal injury claims were brought to a sudden halt due to the Covid 19 emergency may be understandably frustrated at the slow progression of reopening the courts. However, they should remember that even in these tough times, they can continue seeking the help of aggressive attorneys who will continue to fight for their interests both out-of-court, and once further litigation is permitted.

No one should give up their fight for justice during this time. Those who want further information on court closures and how they affect their personal injury claims should not be afraid to seek the legal advice needed to have their questions answered.

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