What Happens If My Car Accident Claim Will Not Settle?

What Happens If My Car Accident Claim Will Not Settle?

Maryland state law requires drivers to carry car insurance. As a result, in most cases the first step is to attempt to settle with an insurance company. In other cases, you may decide to file a lawsuit against the other driver. Both options progress along a similar timeline.


The first step of filing an car accident claim generally involves gathering evidence to establish the other driver was responsible for the car accident. This can include photographs of the scene, medical records from resulting injuries, witness testimonies and police statements.

Once you have gathered all of the evidence, the next step is to write a demand letter. This letter states your claim and outlines exactly what you expect from the other party, including which damages, or expenses, you want the other party to cover. Damages can consist of financial expenses like medical bills, as well as non-financial expenses like pain and suffering.


Ideally, the other party will agree with your claim and provide prompt payment. In reality, it does not always go this well. If you are dealing with an insurance company, you may want to consider filing a complaint.

The Maryland Insurance Administration’s Rapid Response Program offers some relief to those who cannot settle a claim with an insurance provider. If you do not find relief after contacting this program, you may wish to consider filing a more formal, written complaint.

If this course of action is not fruitful or if the other party does not agree with your demand letter, then the case may need to move forward to trial.

In the event of a rejected car accident claim, it is important to negotiate fiercely for the compensation you deserve. Motor vehicle accidents can lead to many expenses. The individual responsible for the accident should cover those costs, not the victim.

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