What Injuries Happen Most Often When Thrown From A Motorcycle?

What Injuries Happen Most Often When Thrown From A Motorcycle?

n Maryland, motorcycle riders are passionate about taking to the road on their bikes. However, that can come with a price. Notably, they are not accorded the same protection people have when they are inside a vehicle and are vulnerable to serious injuries and death in a crash.


There are common injuries riders can have when they are thrown from the motorcycle. Because riders’ legs have no protection, their lower extremities can be damaged. For example, a broken leg could be severe and require surgical procedures to ensure it heals correctly so person will regain full use of it. They might also need to go through an arduous rehabilitation program.

With the upper body, riders can suffer broken arms, torn ligaments and internal injuries. This too can inhibit them even after they have recovered with the need for therapy and the possibility that they will not be able to perform daily tasks as functionally as they did before.

Road rash is when the skin is severely scraped from being in contact with the road. If a rider is going at significant speed, they can slide a substantial distance on asphalt, potentially tearing the skin off.

Head injuries are perhaps the worst possible outcome from motorcycle accidents. They can cause long-term problems even when the rider is wearing a helmet. A head injury can be fatal. If the rider survives, they could lose cognitive abilities and need help with basic tasks for the rest of their lives.


Being ejected from a motorcycle can be costly physically, personally and financially. As riders recover and their families move forward, they need to be aware that they have options and consider all steps available to them.

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