What Makes Parking Lots Dangerous Places To Drive?

What Makes Parking Lots Dangerous Places To Drive?

While a collision between two vehicles in a parking lot is unlikely to be as serious as one out on the open road, it can still result in severe injuries.

It’s not just drivers who are at risk in parking lots either. Pedestrians and cyclists could still be killed if a driver hits them, despite the lower speeds than the road.


Drivers get distracted all the time, yet there is a high risk of them being distracted in a parking lot. This is partly because there is so much going on – they need to hunt for a parking space or reverse out while avoiding others entering the parking lane. And it is partly because people think they are safe once they are off the road. People can do things like programming their satnav, calling someone they are set to meet, or reaching for their shopping bags while waiting to park – making it easy to miss something happening around them.


Some parking areas have poor lighting, while others have none at all. That can make spotting others more challenging, especially if they have forgotten to turn their lights on. Poor weather and short hours of daylight can exacerbate this.


This is particularly relevant in the run-up to Christmas when the roads and stores are busier than usual, and people have so much to do. Drivers who struggle to remain calm despite the traffic and despite others taking “their” parking space will be less able to drive with the awareness, caution and reason needed to stay safe.

If someone injures you in a parking lot, getting help to determine why they crashed into you can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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