Why Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen In Big Cities?

Why Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen In Big Cities?

Walking around the “big city” could bring a sense of wonder. Metropolitan areas in Maryland, along with the state’s suburban and rural locations, make sightseeing an adventure. People need to remain alert to any traffic in their vicinity since pedestrian accidents come with the risk of severe injury. In cities, pedestrians might find themselves at significant risk for an accident.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration points out that more than 4,700 people died and 76,000 suffered injuries in pedestrian accidents in one year alone. Several reasons exist why so many pedestrians find themselves involved in accidents, and negligence stands as a common thread among them.

Not yielding the right of way contributes to the deadly figures. If a vehicle makes a turn when a light indicates it is okay for a pedestrian to cross the street, the driver might be liable for any resulting accidents. Conversely, pedestrians could be liable for their injuries when they attempt to cross the street when the driver has the right of way.


Drivers committing moving violations may find themselves facing a personal injury claim. When the light says “no turn on red,” ignoring the law puts a driver in a bad legal spot when someone gets hurt. However, even legal turns may result in injuries when a driver worries about other vehicles exclusively. Drivers must look for pedestrians as well.

Intoxicated drivers present dangers on the road, and so do those who allow themselves to become distracted. Drinking a cup of coffee while commuting to work might not seem like a “big deal,” but taking hands off the wheel and attention off the road may add up to disaster.

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