actions to avoid immediately following an auto accident

actions to avoid immediately following an auto accident

Auto accidents can create confusion and apprehension like few other events in life. Many times there are seriously injured passengers as well as fatalities, and often there is much danger in the aftermath that can result from fuel leakage and other issues. This means that those who are still mobile should react quickly in checking vehicles and contacting emergency authorities. And just as important is not leaving the scene. However, there are also some other actions to avoid following the fact that especially apply in Maryland regarding accident adjudication of injury and damage claims.


Aside from accidents where no one is injured and vehicles can be driven away, it is important to limit any conversation with an opposing driver regarding the accident. Simple minor damage fender benders only require exchanging insurance information. Anything else that is said could be used against a driver with respect to fault. This is vital in Maryland motor vehicle accidents due to the pure contributory negligence law.


It is very important to always cooperate with emergency medical technicians when they want to evaluate your medical condition. Each auto accident injury will have a claim value, and the initial report can matter significantly. Any time lapse in seeking treatment can be used as a claim denial defense for a respondent insurance company, and injuries require medical documentation for financial compensation.

Always remember that police officers will typically be investigating the accident upon their arrival. They are not trying to determine fault, but what is stated to them can impact that final assessment. Always answer questions directly and only provide the requested information.

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